I am bursting today with anticipation, excitement , determination,

and so much more … and the list goes on !!!

I knew I was on to something when I started making my list

… and crossing it off !

Too-Tu Tuesday is keeping me focused

and bringing me here every week as my commitment to myself

and to you to share my journey !

… and to impact your life in a positive way!

This past weekend marked a biggy off my list

… and one I am so excited to  begin sharing with you!

I completed the

Certified Coach Practitioner Course in Toronto with

Derrick Sweet  through the Certified Coaches Federation

as a stepping stone on my path with a belief

it would have an impact  on my passion and purpose!

I was blown away and so grateful for the choice I made to do it!

The energy in the room was so amazing … unforgettable really !!

This is only the beginning!

I have some feet to share …walking the path with me!

It’s a feet thing!

I truly believe that people and events come into our lives

exactly when they are meant to …

I am so looking forward to crossing paths again

with the amazing people I met this weekend.

Thank you for sharing with me and allowing me to share too!

I am so grateful to all of you!

Thank you !

Thank you !

Thank you !

Love Patti

This one is a work in progress !

More to come!

…and a how too -too!!!

Tomorrow is GIVE AWAY Wednesday!

Love Patti

tu-tu and a tatoo

June 17, 2014

…and now the tattoo!

“DID IT HURT?” was the question of the day!

I think maybe a bit …but not really!

What is stopping you from CROSSING OFF something from your list?

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you to Jordan

at The Big Kahuna Tattoo Shack!

Often it is fear !

See past the fear … feel it …and do it!

For me, my tattoo is now a visual reminder of what is possible!

I have gone from “I have always wanted a tattoo” to

“Now I have one!”  … and I LOVE it!

What to do …

1. Know what it is that you want … Be specific!


2. List all the steps that you have to do to CROSS it OFF!




3. Decide

Date: ___________________

Time: ___________________

4. Make your move !!!

I have my first GIVE AWAY Wednesday gift ready to go!
Wednesday, June 25th
Thank you
Thank you
Thank you
Love Patti

you can too-tu!

June 10, 2014

“Too-tu”-day marks the start of something exciting for my blog!

Every Tuesday I will be sharing with you my list … and how things are going!!!!

I have encouraged you to begin a list too and to begin making it happen by acting on what needs to be done to get CROSSING OFF!

#10 own a pink tutu!

What have you always wanted?

It needs to be on your list!

1. Think about what you have always wanted …

…. pick your top 3

I have always wanted ______________________

I have always wanted ______________________

I have always wanted ______________________

2. What are all the things that have to happen to “getter done ! ”





(you may need more lines)

3. Make it happen … begin CROSSING OFF!

I have always wanted a pink tutu!

and now I do … you can too-tu !!

Changing the phrase … “I have always wanted” to “now I do” feels sooooo great!

You have to give it a go!!!!

Have a fantastic day !

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you !

Love Patti

Making it Happen

June 8, 2014

It would seem that I come and go here on a regular basis … just because.

Well today I am back and I am making things happen!

Part of my journey is to stop by more often …. to be more consistent.

To do a little every day!

Most recently I have been making lists …

lots of them …I am addicted to lists!!!

and I have the notebooks to prove it !

Now the exciting thing is that the lists are helping me get things done …

and there is a snowball effect happening !

The little things I am crossing off my lists are building

the momentum to go after the big stuff!

For starters … what can you do too !

1. Get a book that speaks to you!

… one that you can hardly wait to open

and that you want to carry with you everywhere you go !!!


2. Write down everything you have ever dreamed of …

doing … being … having !!!!

I use my note book “transform your life”

for writing my ideas and list of goals and big dreams!

Nothing is too small or too big to be left off the list …

… and it is best to just write …not edit!!

(I add to my list all the time)


3. Look at your list and see what can make happen right now!



4. In book number 2 begin a daily to-do list.

I use my notebook “free your energy”

for my daily to-do lists!

In this book list everything you have to do … I mean everything!

Stuff you were to do yesterday, today, tomorrow, next week any time!

Now figure out what is the most important thing that has to be done right now …

and getter done!

At the end of the day transfer unchecked off things on the list

to the next day and then repeat the same thing the next day and the next after that.

…write … do …check … transfer …REPEAT!


5. In book number 3 get into the practice every morning of writing down what you are grateful for.

I use my notebook “live with a grateful heart”

and write down everything that I am grateful for as part of my morning routine!


More to come on my journey …

“Dream Big … Make it Happen”

Have an awesome day


Together we can great things!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you

Love Patti

I think  this dinner might be making its way to number one !

Honey Mustard Pecan Chicken

Garlic Almond Green Beans

Wild Rice

What dinners are you loving lately ?

I love finding out what other people are eating !!

Love Patti

what do you think ?

April 24, 2014

When what you think

what you thought was real

and then find out

it is actually not

what you thought…

… you can then think

different thoughts !

…and then

you can begin again

to think …

…and invent yourself the way you want …

OMG !!!

this is going to be

BIG !!!

… I think !!!!

Love Patti

It amazes me …

how the one book that I happen to choose

…is exactly the one I NEED to be reading!

I don’t know about you?

…but I am pretty good at putting things off !

…and to be honest I am not really sure why I do It !

I know I have things to do and then I just leave them for another time!

…remembering full well that I have to get them done!

SORRY to all of you who have had to wait for one of my

“yes I can” commitments!

I am treating myself to a new way “TO DO” !

I have picked this book up and  am DOING!

…I checked 2 biggies off my list today and I feel great about it!

The  BIG idea is that when you eat the ugliest frog (biggest TO DO) first

…then you can enjoy the tadpoles without guilt after!

So now I am here and it’s a GOOD THING!

So let’s go everyone!

EAT those frogs!!!!

CROSS it off your TO DO list and celebrate!

Happy Friday!

Love Patti


April 13, 2014

grow wings of …


… being honest right now is about taking a look at my life

and realizing that every step along the way was getting me to right now !!

…and accepting that everything has happened for a reason

…and being ok with it ALL!

Grow wings of …


… being able to laugh at IT !!

…about IT !!

…and after IT !!!

Grow wings of …


…making choices and choosing IT !!!

Growing wings of …


… being ready to


right now!!!

Growth is exciting and frightening at the  same time !

…we need IT to continue becoming who we are truly meant to be!

Grow your wings …

YOU deserve to be the best YOU!

and you know who that is!

Have an awesome day!
Love Patti

what do you see

January 26, 2014

One of my favourite things to have with me when I am out and about is my camera

….I never know what I will see.

I have come to realize that when I have my camera over my shoulder I am looking!

… really looking

…. to see!

To take notice of what is right in from of me trying to attract my attention.

I was recently asked what I like to photograph!

As I gave the question some thought I decided that it is not so much one thing but actually everything.

I love to capture what I see right in front of me in the moment.

My camera has taught me to notice the little things

and to celebrate the fact that whatever it is that has come to cross paths with me

is worth taking notice of…

It just makes sense to me to enjoy the moment and to take a picture of it.

I am also a fan of the close-up for sure …

really getting in close and capturing the tiniest most amazing details!

I also Loooove taking pictures of my feet …

yep … I know what you are thinking!!! …

…but for me it is about noticing where I am at that exact moment.

Where my path has led me and where I am standing taking it all in.

Each and everyone of us has taken a step in new directions and have travelled along rocky roads

…but when we stop to take notice of what is right in front of us and breathe for a minute we can all realize that right where we are is just right!

So say cheese …

and smile for the camera …

and then have a quick peek at your feet and thank them for getting you where you are today

and then look up …

embrace the great big sky and know that there are possibilities just waiting for you

…what do you see?

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