master the moment

January 4, 2015


I was inspired recently by a large sign at the Canadian Tire store near my house.

Right at the front entrance is a sign that says “Master Your Mess”


Seriously … I LOVE THAT!

Although I know it is to get you into the store

to buy lots and lots of storage containers …

I still love it because I love bins!!!!

But what truly inspired me was the idea of

mastering something.

It takes repeating a task 10,000 times to become a master

or to master IT!

10,000 times …almost seems like a lifetime !

However, when you are passionate about something

and it is who you are …

and it lights your spirit and gets you excited …

I will bet that 10,000 times just happens!!!

IMAGINE embracing 10,000 moments!

Becoming a Master of Moments!

Master the Moment!


How great would that feel!

Start right now !!!

Love Patti


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