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A few weeks ago at the Anandafest Yoga Retreat

( a fabulous day of yoga and events for your soul)

I noticed a lady at her vendor’s booth enjoying the musicians on stage

sitting on a pillow …a meditation pillow!

…throughout the performance she was rubbing

a mala bed necklace and enjoying the moment.

I thought it to be most wonderful that she was at her booth,

yet also still  in the moment in a space she created with her pillow.

So I added a meditation pillow to my list!

Not only did I love the idea of being able to create

a unique space wherever I put the pillow

but also to help facilitate the cross-legged position for the practice.

(very helpful for me to sit on a pillow

…little easier on the hips and knees)

So it is again this fine Tuesday …

Making it Happen – Crossing it Off!

FYI … making a meditation pillow and crossing it off

… is way bigger then just a small sewing project.

Creating the pillow is just the beginning of a regular routine of daily meditation.

You can make one TOO-TU !


.7 m fabric – top and side  (60″ wide)

.7 m bottom fabric (60″ wide)

(I chose vinyl for the bottom so I could use the pillow outside and wipe it off)


2lbs of fibre stuffing

1. I made the circle for my pillow 24″ in diameter

Be generous with the pins …

2. Pin the pattern to the top fabric.

Top fabric cut out.

3. Draw a circle onto bottom fabric.

4. Cut 3 (7″ wide) strips of top fabric

5. Sew together to make one long piece

6. Pin long side strip to the top fabric circle

(Be sure to pin open the seam of the side strip)

7. Sew the side strip all around the top circle

(Fold back each end at the opening)
8. Pin the side strip to the bottom circle.
9. Sew all the way around the bottom circle.
10. Cut into the seam (do not cut through) every 1/2′ on both the top and bottom
11. Turn it right side out
12. Stuff to desired firmness.
13. Sew the opening closed.
14. Enjoy the moment … Sit and meditate
Be present and realize that wherever you are on your journey,
you are right where you are to be, and be grateful!
Thank you
Thank you
Thank you
Love Patti

3 Responses to “a pillow to find my breath”

  1. Rachelle says:

    What a great project Patti! It’s a perfect way to create the focus on “now”. Live in the moment, be present and give each experience your full attention. Happy Too-tu Tuesday!

  2. Lynda Osborne says:

    Love your site!!
    Meditation pillow is so..o.o beautiful!

  3. says:

    Happy Too-tu Tuesday to you too !!! YOU ROCK!

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