fruit kabobs :)

July 5, 2014

In my quest for greater balance I am finding myself gravitating

to smarter food choices and realizing that I am more aware

of how I feel and think about food and am paying closer attention.

Along with that is a search for things that I LOVE

and that work for me and my family.

Food choices that will become default choices …

the GO TO choices on the kitchen!

My favourite right now has to be the

FRUIT KABOB !  … it is even FUN to say!

Easy-Peasy and fun to grab on the go!!!

As I find fabulous food choices that are fun,

easy to prepare, down right delicious and nutritious

I will be sharing them with you !

I think Fridays will be the day to share …

gives me a week to try them out

and then the weekend for you to try them too!

This is going to be really fun!

I just KNOW IT!

Thank you

Thank you

Thank you

Love Patti

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