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Connections to Canada

July 23, 2015

I am feeling a great sense of pride today!

Proud that I am part of something larger,

creating and  sharing …

I AM a Canadian Clip Art artist.Connections to Canada jpgwm

Have an awesome day everyone!



Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 7.48.43 AM


Keeping a gratitude journal is one of my daily routines

I have re-introduced in my morning routine.

…remembering the little things that make me smile!

That when written down shape my day with love.

I had forgotten how powerful it can be to be mindful

about what is present right now in my life that I am truly grateful for.

Today I am asking you …

… what makes you smile?

What are you grateful for?

Begin today with this simple phrase …

I am grateful for….


2. ______________________

3. ______________________

It’s as easy as 1 2 3 !

Have an awesome day!



Wait for it !!! Wait for it!

I hope you will join me when I am ready!

This is pretty exciting and I know you will LOVE it!

It is going to be about you and me on a journey together !

I am walking it right now to create a path for us!IMG_2871 1Hugs!


Thank you to two girls in my Grade 3 class

who shared with me a picture they found in a book

that inspired me to find myself here once again after a wee break!


It is always the same … I am away for a while and then get a tugging

feeling toward coming back.

The ebb and flow of my blog writing is the natural flow of my life.

Balancing all things … and realizing that it is what it is and that’s just fine.

I just love knowing that inspiration can come at anytime!

…And so it did!

With smiles on their faces they both exclaimed,

“Mrs. Fortune … you can make a painting!”

…And so I did!!!


And then of course I got excited and thought I could make a bead and a bracelet too!



…And so I did!!!

Thank you for sharing and for being my inspiration!

You make a difference in the world!

Keep Sharing … Someone is listening !!



(aka Mrs. F)

master the moment

January 4, 2015


I was inspired recently by a large sign at the Canadian Tire store near my house.

Right at the front entrance is a sign that says “Master Your Mess”


Seriously … I LOVE THAT!

Although I know it is to get you into the store

to buy lots and lots of storage containers …

I still love it because I love bins!!!!

But what truly inspired me was the idea of

mastering something.

It takes repeating a task 10,000 times to become a master

or to master IT!

10,000 times …almost seems like a lifetime !

However, when you are passionate about something

and it is who you are …

and it lights your spirit and gets you excited …

I will bet that 10,000 times just happens!!!

IMAGINE embracing 10,000 moments!

Becoming a Master of Moments!

Master the Moment!


How great would that feel!

Start right now !!!

Love Patti


January 2, 2015


What is Your Maui ?

July 23, 2014

Happy Too-Tu Tuesday everyone!!!

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GIVE AWAY Wednesday (July 30th)

Allow yourself to be open to what your dreams might look like.

Know in your heart that they will come true

and be excited to see where they may be different  from what you imagined.

Be aware of the feelings your dreams create inside you

as you begin to experience them coming true!

One of my dreams is sitting on the beach in Maui meditating and writing!

I came pretty close this past week!

This is my Maui !!!

Thank You !

Thank You !

Thank You !

Love Patti

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Happy Too-Tu Tuesday everyone!!!

Leave a comment here (click on the title,

and scroll down to the bottom of the page to find a comment box)

for a chance to win on GIVE AWAY Wednesday (July 30th)

A few weeks ago at the Anandafest Yoga Retreat

( a fabulous day of yoga and events for your soul)

I noticed a lady at her vendor’s booth enjoying the musicians on stage

sitting on a pillow …a meditation pillow!

…throughout the performance she was rubbing

a mala bed necklace and enjoying the moment.

I thought it to be most wonderful that she was at her booth,

yet also still  in the moment in a space she created with her pillow.

So I added a meditation pillow to my list!

Not only did I love the idea of being able to create

a unique space wherever I put the pillow

but also to help facilitate the cross-legged position for the practice.

(very helpful for me to sit on a pillow

…little easier on the hips and knees)

So it is again this fine Tuesday …

Making it Happen – Crossing it Off!

FYI … making a meditation pillow and crossing it off

… is way bigger then just a small sewing project.

Creating the pillow is just the beginning of a regular routine of daily meditation.

You can make one TOO-TU !


.7 m fabric – top and side  (60″ wide)

.7 m bottom fabric (60″ wide)

(I chose vinyl for the bottom so I could use the pillow outside and wipe it off)


2lbs of fibre stuffing

1. I made the circle for my pillow 24″ in diameter

Be generous with the pins …

2. Pin the pattern to the top fabric.

Top fabric cut out.

3. Draw a circle onto bottom fabric.

4. Cut 3 (7″ wide) strips of top fabric

5. Sew together to make one long piece

6. Pin long side strip to the top fabric circle

(Be sure to pin open the seam of the side strip)

7. Sew the side strip all around the top circle

(Fold back each end at the opening)
8. Pin the side strip to the bottom circle.
9. Sew all the way around the bottom circle.
10. Cut into the seam (do not cut through) every 1/2′ on both the top and bottom
11. Turn it right side out
12. Stuff to desired firmness.
13. Sew the opening closed.
14. Enjoy the moment … Sit and meditate
Be present and realize that wherever you are on your journey,
you are right where you are to be, and be grateful!
Thank you
Thank you
Thank you
Love Patti

fruit kabobs :)

July 5, 2014

In my quest for greater balance I am finding myself gravitating

to smarter food choices and realizing that I am more aware

of how I feel and think about food and am paying closer attention.

Along with that is a search for things that I LOVE

and that work for me and my family.

Food choices that will become default choices …

the GO TO choices on the kitchen!

My favourite right now has to be the

FRUIT KABOB !  … it is even FUN to say!

Easy-Peasy and fun to grab on the go!!!

As I find fabulous food choices that are fun,

easy to prepare, down right delicious and nutritious

I will be sharing them with you !

I think Fridays will be the day to share …

gives me a week to try them out

and then the weekend for you to try them too!

This is going to be really fun!

I just KNOW IT!

Thank you

Thank you

Thank you

Love Patti

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